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Ride home from a nice ride from Conway to Hot Springs via AR-9. Since I didn’t have the GoPro lined up right, the way there is pretty much worthless. This is the way back…at least until the battery died and it started raining.

We start on AR-7 in Hot Springs and head northeast to AR-5. We then take AR-5 to AR-9, where we go north to Paron. After Paron, the battery dies and it starts raining until we reach AR-10, so the video ends after Paron.

The rest of the trip, from AR-10 to Little Rock was uneventful and progressively warmer as we got further away from the rain.

This is a fun ride and is a great run for the beginner rider. There isn’t a lot of traffic outside of town, and the turns aren’t too tight.

Thanks again to Glide_Arkansas for the great ride.  See  his videos at