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This past Saturday, I joined up with a bunch of fellow riders from my Facebook Group, Central Arkansas Motorcycle Riders to ride down to Historic Washington State Park for their annual Jonquil festival.



Leaving my suburb, I head across the Arkansas River on a cold March morning to the Outlets of Little Rock where I’m meeting two more riders before heading down to meet the rest of the bunch 20 miles down the road.

Finally getting off the interstate, I drive the few dozen yards to the Outlet Mall where I meet the other riders and go over the ride before leaving and hopping back on the interstate to make our way towards Hope. At the Hot Springs exit, I’m shaking my head because I just watched a minivan cross 2 lanes of traffic and cut off one of my friends to make this exit. People are crazy!


As we approach the exit where we are going to join the rest of the bunch, I’m thankful that we aren’t riding the interstate to the park, but rather US 67 as I really don’t like riding the interstate unless I have to. Meeting the rest of the group at a truck stop, all the pleasantries and introductions are made and supplies are bought before we hop back on our bikes for the Jonquil Festival.

A few dozen miles down the road we make our first pit stop to make sure everyone is on the same page and doing ok ride-wise. After everyone is refueled and back on the bikes, we head back on the highway where the road straightens out and the trees start to thin.

The festival itself was more of a craft fair with little emphesis on the Jonquils and more on the commercial activites of the various vendors. While fun, it just wasn’t my thing, but the park itself seemed neat and I do plan on returning later in the year for a proper visit.

After a slow time getting started back home, we finally leave hope with a reduced number of riders. Some decided to go to the Harley Davidson store, others left long before. Out of the original 14 riders, 5 of us were left to make the trip back north alone.

Just north of Gum Springs we cross an old bridge that had me almost coming off the bike — it was that bumpy. Seriously ARDOT, fix your roads, this could kill someone! Back in Gurdon we make a pit stop one last time to say goodbye. After Arkadelphia, a few miles north, I would be solo back to Little Rock as they were stopping to eat. Riding the last few miles into Arkadelphia with the group was fun — there’s something about riding in a group you just don’t get solo, but like all good things this came to an end as well. As I turn towards the interstate to make quick time home, they all turned towards a restaurant.

Back on the interstate, I high tail it back towards Little Rock, making it into the metro just before sunset. Turning of I-30 and onto I-430, I know that the ride is almost over, but so is daylight so I push the throttle a bit more to get home a bit faster. As I cross the Arkansas river, I’m greeted to a beautiful pink reflection from the sunset just before the battery dies on the gopro.

All in all, the ride was fun, the people were great and I can’t wait to do this again soon. The Historic Washington State Park is a neat place for history buffs as that’s where the Bowie Knife was invented and you can see all the stuff relating to that and more.

If any of you want to come along on our next ride, I’ve linked the facebook group here as well. In the mean time, be safe out there and enjoy your adventures on two wheels.

Watch the entire ride (minus a few bits where I was having battery issues).  The entire film weighs in at about 3.5 hours, so grab some coffee.