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One day, I was watching a show called World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides and my daughter, who was 4 at the time, told me she wanted to ride.  Part of me also wanted to ride, but I knew deep down it would probably  never happen.  In the intervening years, I came close to buying a bike, but for various reasons it just never happened.

Then, on April 10, 2018 my wife asked if I still wanted a motorcycle.  “Do kids like candy?” I replied?  She then told me to pick one out and a few minutes later, I had my bike chosen and was just waiting for the store to open the next day before I could go get it.  So on April 11, I became the proud owner of a new Honda Shadow 750, and the rest is history.

Since then, I spent about a month learning how to ride, starting in a small village in rural Arkansas.  As my skills increased, I moved onto longer country highways and then finally more urban areas.  Once I reached the main road back home, I made the hour long ride home and haven’t stopped riding since.